A minimalist text adventure.

Fabled Journey is an experiment in the deployment of a Gamebook/CYOA using a lite-weight javascript game engine, which outputs to HTML. The engine used is Quandary. It has been heavily adapted by me for this project. The ZIP file weighs in at a whopping 39KBs (including images). The raw files are not much more than 100KBs.

Every game designer, I suppose, tires of using bloated engines to construct their games. This project is minimalist in design, but with a surprising number of features. Quandary offers the non-programmer a simple means to construct and deploy their creations without bloat. If you are interested in creating a minimalist interactive fiction Gamebook/CYOA, I believe that you cannot go wrong using the Quandary engine.

For people who like to PLAY Gamebooks/CYOAs, I hope you enjoy the game!

***SPOILERS*** Here is the solution link (plain text file).

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